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Stephen WilsonStephen A. Wilson


Founder/ Managing director

Stephen is a key member of a small group of pioneers responsible for the development and application of microseismic technology in the oil and gas business. Seismogenic is Stephen’s most recent venture.

Seismogenic provides consulting services to oil and gas clients wanting to maximize value from their assets using integrated engineering, microseismic, and geomechanical methods. During his 20 year career Stephen has demonstrated the strategic focus, judgment, team building skills and wide technical understanding to develop and apply microseismic technology that improves asset value and reduces risk.

In 1994 Stephen was awarded his Ph.D on Microseismic Monitoring from the University of Wales in the UK. Stephen began his working career as a post-doctoral research associate at the University of Edinburgh simulating fracture mechanics processes using parallel computing resources. This was followed by further post-doctoral research at the University of Liverpool on fault-modelling. In 2005 Stephen joined CSMA/ABB as a Senior Geophysicist. For his first 5 years at CSMA/ABB Stephen worked in a series of technical roles, processing microseismic data and building new development tools. Career progression led to more senior project management and business development roles before leaving to join Schlumberger in mid-2005. Stephen worked for Schlumberger Technical Services in the USA as microseismic Product Champion and then moved to France to develop a reservoir monitoring service.

In early 2008 Stephen was offered and accepted the role of Managing Director of Magnitude SAS, owned by CGG/Baker Hughes. Stephen grew the quarterly revenue by over 25% during his tenure and established new markets in Australia and Canada. Stephen left in late 2009 to start his own entreprise, RockTalk. Within 12 months RockTalk was generating quarterly revenues of over 250,000 USD based upon its own microseismic processing software. Within 24 months successful M&A discussion resulted in the sale of RockTalk to Halliburton Energy Services. Whilst at Halliburton, Stephen subsequently took on the responsibility for the management and growth of Halliburton’s new microseismic imaging business. After growing the quarterly revenue ten-fold in 2 years, Stephen moved on to an executive advisory role within Halliburton before leaving in 2014 to start his latest venture, Seismogenic.

Stephen is an active member of the SEG, SPE, and EAGE.